Help a homeless person to train up and get into work

Tony is using Beam to become a fully-qualified electrician

Behind every stat is a person, often facing serious challenges. But with our support, many can have bright futures, standing on their own two feet.

Homelessness in the UK is out of control. 

Over 8,000 people are sleeping on the streets. Over 200,000 "hidden homeless" people live in temporary accommodation like hostels.

Beam crowdfunds employment training for homeless people, helping them to progress towards stable, paid work. 

Beam is a social impact business.

Welcome to Beam

Once a member is in stable, paid work, they provide mentorship to new Beam members. Members usually pledge to repay the value of their campaign to future Beam members.

Charities suggest members


Each person on Beam (or "member" as we call them) has shown the potential to succeed in training and work and been recommended to us by a registered homelessness charity.

Beam helps the member prepare an online fundraising campaign for their employment training. 

And that's where you come in.


Plan training

During the campaign and all the way through training and into work, a Beam "Member Manager" supports the member.



How Beam works

A Beam employee meets the member. Together, they match employment training to the member's unique talents and experience.  


Raise funding

Ongoing support from Beam 

Member help member

On each member's campaign, read the campaign budget and know exactly where your donation will go. 

Beam holds your donation securely on a member's behalf, before paying the tuition provider directly. Beam never hands out cash to members.

Training is provided by verified tuition providers. It leads to qualifications that are valued by today's employers.

See your impact

Best-in-class training

Give responsibly

Give transparently

Beam works hand-in-hand with the experts: many of the UK's largest and most respected homelessness charities.

Receive email updates on the member you support, following their progress through training and into work.

Partnered with the experts

Give well. See the impact.

Donate once a month and your donation will be divided equally between every member with a live campaign

Help change the life of every Beam member from £10 a month. That's about the price of 1  ☕  /week. Or just 33p /day.

2 ways to give

Trained staff

Safe for you.

Beam puts careful limits on the personal information a member shows on their campaign. Photos are real, but members can change their names.

Beam's operational team has experience in the homelessness sector and safety training to support our members.  

Safe funding campaigns

Privacy for supporters

When you donate to a campaign, members do not receive any information about you - unless you write them a message of support!

Safe for Beam members.

As featured in

"I support Beam members because I like seeing where my money goes and knowing it'll help someone on the road to employment."   Sophie McKechnie, Beam supporter

"Beam offers a wonderful opportunity for the public to engage directly with people supported by Thames Reach in a personal way, practically helping them in their progression away from homelessness." Jeremy Swain, CEO, Thames Reach

"Beam have been incredibly supportive and I couldn't believe that my campaign funded in less than a week. Thanks Beam!" Joe, Beam member

"Beam is one of the most promising digital innovations in homelessness we’ve come across in recent years. Beam has the potential to bring huge benefits to the homeless community."   Matt Harrison, Director, Social Enterprise, Homeless Link

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